E veryone is concerned about the tremendous costs of husband-absence. On this we all agree. Without marriage, mothers have to do it all, children lose half the love, care, and guidance which they should have received, and fathers have little or no respect in society.

The vast majority of objective studies collectively point to the fact that the replacement of the husband by the welfare state and irresponsible divorce are the primary causes.

In less than 25% of cases did the husband end the relationship or want the divorce. In the "Great Society" our concern over poverty became predatory in nature when government essentially decided that child support should automatically replace the father as a matter of "women's choice".

The primary political movement which caused this problem is radical feminism. Politically energized women espousing theories founded in misandry, combined with profiteering legal associations, devised every excuse in the book why marriage is not necessary.

Wild allegations against husbands, accusing them of child abuse and domestic violence became the norm, when in fact serious child abuse and domestic violence by husbands in the intact family is rare and sporadic in nature.

Today, six in ten husbands will be arbitrarily thrown out of their families, losing their children, and forced into a system of indentured servitude to their estranged families, a system which unquestionably violates the Geneva Convention on Slavery. Few of these husbands have done anything wrong, and only a very few cases do real reasons exist for a divorce which essentially destroys his social place in family and society. The level of discrimination caused by such hateful treatment of over half the fathers in America has become the major civil rights issue of our time -- for it discriminates against about half the citizens of America, whether they be black, white, or another race.

There is only one answer to this problem. "We must now grant to fathers the same right to be in the family as we have granted to women in the workplace."

Now, let us see how we got to this regressive point in social history.....

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